All Workers Deserve to Be Treated with Respect and Fairness.

Workers Need Strong Advocates.

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Free written legal analysis

Our Strong Advocates team listens to the client’s full story and helps them understand their legal rights and options. We provide this information in writing to help empower the client to choose the next step that is best for them.

Know your rights trainings

We offer free or donation-based know-your-rights trainings to community groups, church groups, and unions. We educate our local workers so that they know their rights and can be vigilent when those rights have been violated.

Coordinating a Strong Advocates Team to Protect Workers’ Rights

We provide our clients with assistance in assembling resources. This can include a strong legal team to protect their employment or workers compensation rights, financial compensation, state and federal benefits and community resources.

Social Media campaigns to pressure employers

We coordinate media and social media campaigns to help publicize wrongful practices and pressure employers to rapidly change their practices and compensate employees for their mistreatment.

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Strong Advocates

We are a non-profit organization that provides and directs legal representation for workers when our community partners are unable to provide direct representation themselves.

Workers are at the center of our mission.

We are committed to:


We partner with other non-profits, community organizations, groups, and churches to provide:

  • Free Know-Your-Rights trainings and education about workers’ rights to help individuals to be protected from illegal discrimination at work, targeting low-income and immigrant workers
  • Assistance to workers by highlighting the injustices done to them through social media and other media outlets
  • Free resources and information regarding employment rights and referrals and government benefits

At Strong Advocates, we prioritize building our community’s strength and capacity to help workers who are facing discrimination and other illegal treatment with their employer. To that end, we partner with other non-profit community groups to help create a wider network of resources for workers where they can learn more about their rights or be able to help connect workers with free legal analysis.

Do you know someone who has suffered from a discriminatory employer in any of the following areas?

  • Wrongful termination
  • Racial discrimination
  • National origin discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination based on a disability
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Religious discrimination

Strong Advocates is here to help!

When a person is unfairly fired from their job, their entire world can feel as though it has been turned upside down.  Often, they don’t know where to turn to learn about their rights and options. They need a Strong Advocate to help them navigate their legal options and provide them with the resources they need. We are committed to helping workers to receive the respect and compensation they deserve.

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